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Discover your true self

Meditation is the best basis to create your harmonic and happy life of high realization


Join world Tribal community

Study ATS® from certified FCBD® Sister Studio, become a part of worldwide Tribal community

Tribal Fusion

Find your unique dance

Dance Tribal Fusion with Taisa, polish your technique and find your personal unique dance style


Create your body

Start your yoga practice today. Create your perfect body of power, grace and high energy

Study with Taisa


Start study Tribal Fusion, ATS®, yoga and meditation with Taisa and you will feel deep immersion in subject with the guidance of experienced instructor.

Due to more than a decade of dance teaching practice Taisa is widely known as a talented and profound teacher
with unique gift to find approach to each student and explain even the most intricate points in a simple and easy manner with her unfailing sense of humor.

That will keep your practice efficient, safe and fun with real results as grace, inreased flexibility and dance skills you can see in a short time.

You can book Taisa’s workshop to your city, enjoying wide choice of workshop topics. Maybe you prefer to take a live or web private lesson or join regular classes in Tribal Fusion, ATS® and yoga in Kiev. To get inspired right now for your dance studies please read testimonials: that’s what people who studied with Taisa say. You can also sign up for youtube channel with video lessons and train yourself online and subscribe for Inspiring Newsletter to get regular dance enthusiasm that we don’t share anywhere else.


Taisa Zill Dance & «Daf» Percussion School

Jah Surya DG ATS® Performance @ Tribal Weekend

Impro @ Beatles Ashram, Rishikesh, India

Tribal-Fusion-Retro Drill#2


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