FINANCIAL REPORT on Charity for Ukraine # 2 Round between Marathons

Dear friends, even in between Charity Marathons you kept donating me for Ukraine. I could not be more grateful to you for this !!!

So I compiled it to # 2 Round of Charity for Ukraine. I send all your donation to final destination, got all reaffirmations from receivers so I can finally post my FINANCIAL REPORT # 2


For the period from 09.06.2022 to 2.07.2022 due to your activity (in between any Marathons)

We raised donations $ 1665

I transferred help $ 1665



I transferred help to:

  1. Soldiers: $1450
  2. People who fled: $45
  3. Animals: $170


With money you donated I transferred financial help to:


1. 3 Pet Charity Organizations caring of abandoned animals

2. 4 volunteer organizations, supplying soldiers: plates for body armor, means of survival, Radios for communication, Generator, headphones

3. 1 volunteer organization, supplying people who had to flee with hygienic products

4. With our financial help were bought and supplied to the front line 3 cars for soldiers (1 car is still in process of fundraising)

5. Donated for 2 husbands of dancers who are in the army now (for big tent and for ammunition)

6. Helped to buy 2 intelligence drones for soldiers


I’m so happy for each touch of help that became possible because of your involvement, compassion and action to help. I’m so grateful to each of you, thank you, what you do is really precious ❤️.


As you see, the biggest part goes for Soldiers as only on them depends now if Ukraine will stand in this battle.


You can also check all transfers that I did in my Insta Highlights “$ Report 2”.


We still continue to raise donations, because the war in Ukraine continues. So we will really appreciate your donation. Every sum, every $5, $10, $20 matter a lot, because together we can do a big thing!

For all donation options please check this MAIN PAGE


Thank you so much and let’s keep in touch


Together to Vіctory
Yours, Taisa