Join Online Party “Summer of Hope” 

Party is opened for everybody
You can join in solo, duet, or group of any size
You can be a pro or absolute newcomer
You can send as many videos as you want

Participation is FREE

The idea and purpose of this Party is to bring together all creative and loving dancers to inspire and support each other in a time of now which shows each of us a lot of challenges.

Party gonna happen in online format: you send us your dances in a form of ready-to-show video, we put all your dance videos together and then enjoy watching this concert on Youtube Premiere August 21, Sunday 8pm CEST.



1.FILL this Google Form

2.FILL your Music into this Google Table. So we can avoid music recurring

3.!!! CHECK your music beforehand so Youtube will not block it

4.SEND your ready dance video before 2022 August 7


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As well if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to write Taisa personally on socials or mail:


Instagram @taisajahsurya

FB Taisa Jah Surya Gontar



We are looking forward to share this common creative activity and to enjoy art & performances of each of you!